…chug, chug, chug – the train rumbled on track…into the woods! When I swiftly unlocked my eyes… blimey! we gotta get off! I, along with my friends descended, tottering with all our heavy baggage.

     The fresh breeze puffed up my lungs…couldn’t believe that the grey clouds had saved millions of droplets to greet us with drizzles!

     The aura captivated us, that I noticed only once after a while…that one of my friends was missing! Holy God! She might have dozed in the train!… “She’d reach us soon” I hard-heartedly said as I spotted a long eerie protrusion from behind the woods.

     We began stepping into the woods, following the projection. I walked…ran…fast…faster…even faster…until I was hit on something!


     The surface was hard, dark and wet… A ‘rock’ probably…When I cleared all the twittering birds orbiting my head…. Voda!

     An island or what?! Water in the north, south, east and west!…There were about 4 televisions around, playing melodic rhythms — a 110 inches ultra HDTV perhaps We were stupefied. but…where’s the protrusion?

     Wait!…It’s raining. But…only over me Where in the world are we??? I looked above. The protrusion…the protrusion…It’s here…My mouth widened reflexively.

     A long… pointed… tusk of a masssssivvve mightyyy elephant protruding from its mouth. We couldn’t move our eyes…Jaws struck!

     I noticed it was his tummy which had hit me initially. “Come to me!” he summoned. I quickly climbed the elephantine rock and laid on him His eyes held mine! Again raining over me…

     Holy rock!  He’s ‘showering’ love…I could spot pores on his trunk from which his love flooded with Voda!

     He cradled me for a while. Peace all around!

     Suddenly a voice called out…ohh, the girl we missed Before I could respond to her…a hand had caught me from back, hitting me repeatedly. Brushing it aside, I quickly headed for my friend.

In the next frame, stood a magnificent edifice with its exemplary pride! The temple startled us with its Semi-Submerged architecture We stepped into the water with a soul-deep reverence and the current headed us forward.

Booooom!’ The hand caught me again splashhing me into the water! The chillness tore my body and spun my internal compass upside down! I turned now…

     I tried to visualize the familiar profile…My goodness!  It’s my mom I guess, and it’s gettin’ late to college!  bubye

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